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Landscape Designing

Landscape architects play an important role in maintaining and improving the health of civilizations and economics. It is a discipline that has had an inevitable place at KONCEPT since its genesis, functioning as a critical part of the planning and urban design studio. Today, the landscape architecture studio has evolved to include a wide variety of project types around the world, but its philosophy has remained the same to create spaces that bring balance to the builds and natural environments.

Landscape designing Services offered at KONCEPT -THE DESIGN STUDIO include:-

• Collecting details of requirement (s) for planning and designing purposes.

• Surveying of area or drawing submitted by client depicting plot dimensions.

• Preparation of preliminary landscape design for the approval of the client. The drawings will consist of plans, elevations etc.

• Preparation of detailed working drawings, specifications etc for the landscape design displaying furniture & landscape related to civil work for site planning.

• Preparation of detailed working drawing for the landform, hard & soft areas, planting design, landscape structures & features, garden furniture, lighting etc.

• Assisting the client in execution of the project as per the working drawings and specifications, by periodic supervision of work.

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