Architectural Designing

In today’s era, Architecture is most vital and prime instrument for making our world a better place to live. We are of the opinion that good architect essentially results in adding to the look, beauty performance with respect to any building. Almost every day, our design studio blends exceptional design skills, superior project management capability and creative vision globally to produce buildings that have long-lasting positive economic, social and environmental impact on communities and organizations.

At KONCEPT -THE DESIGN STUDIO, we specifically emphasize on various Architectural Services by focusing on following:-

• Study of owner’s/End-users view, Requirements.

• Suggest Preliminary views.

• Study & Analysis of site(s) based on its climatic presence and their effect on the proposed Project / Scheme.

• Preparation / Consultation on the Design Scheme inviting expert comments and feedback from Client / Executive Committee followed by the weekly meeting for updating master implementation scheme(MIS), thereby ensuring the successful completion of the project.

• Preparation of the detailed architectural drawings in accordance with the finally accepted design scheme, including graphic representations.

• Procuring detailed drawing / scheme design from other experts like structural / electrical / HVAC as per project requirements and the scope & the subsequent incorporation of the same in the detailed architectural drawing.


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