Project Management

KONCEPT Project Management services have been designed to assist you with rollout of large scale projects, allowing you to focus on your core objectives. Our organization has experienced project managers which have been specifically trained to guide project coordination, communication and project budget management to offer the words of assurance that your projects would be completed as per the schedule and within the budget, avoiding costly overruns and thus saving both time and money for you.

Project Management services at KONCEPT -THE DESIGN STUDIO include:

• Collection of necessary project information from Drawing and on this basis preparation of Detailed Tender Document, Construction specification budget, requirement of cash flow, material inventory for the work & involvement of Machinery.

• Study, comment and analysis of the item rate applicable on Architectural Design & the Execution.

• Preparation of Execution Strategy Plan for phase-wise implementation of the project.

• Providing Expert Technical Support to the Ground Engineering Staff as and when required to ensure the smooth & easy execution of project.

• Providing necessary support to the client for selection of other Experts & Contractors and to finalize their scope.

• Coordinating Contractors, Other Experts & the Client (s).

• Monitoring the progress of project & completion of the project as per agreed specification and time lines.

• Conduction of fortnightly meetings with contractor, other Experts. Critical evolution of the project for client.

• Project integration, management and supervision of the project site during construction.

• Maintaining & nurturing relations with govt. Authorities and obtaining necessary approvals for the projects.

• Follow up QAP during pre/post construction as per the guide lines of B.I.S.

• Maintaining Documentation of project cost, Preparing & finalizing contractor bills.

• Providing a committed and motivated management culture at the project site through implementation of appropriate, innovative/attractive construction technique/strategies.

• The site work in all cases, is accomplished by specialized contractors under close supervision of KONCEPT “The Design Studio”.