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KONCEPT – “THE DESIGN STUDIO” is an independently established consultancy firm, based in Lucknow and managed by a professional group.

This organization was created in 2001 at Ghaziabad (NCR) and later relocated to its current offices. Ar. Vivek Sharma, Principal Architect, has promoted the consultancy services for the Construction Industry & Real Estate Sector with core specialization in Architectural & Project Management. His greatest expertise is in Green Building Concepts and Urban Planning.

The organization strictly adheres to its central motto - Providing Economical, Timely & Quality Services to its esteemed customers.

The vision of KONCEPT – “The Design Studio” can be distilled into three simple ideals: modern, functionally efficient & aesthetically pleasing. Our relentless quest for excellence has helped us execute several prestigious civil engineering projects across the nation to date.

The Konceptians demonstrate consistent excellence in understanding and delivering on even the most challenging tasks. Their designs not only fulfil the desired function efficiently, but also enhance the brand image of the organization.

Our STUDIO is fully equipped with in-house facilities and technologies, such as 3D Computer Aided Design to handle projects of diverse functions and scales. We have extensive experience in handling Total Design Services for Architectural and Interior Design, M&E including associated services, Project Management & Project Control as per client-specific requirements.

Additionally, we are trained to educate about local and international regulations, financial patterns of institutional projects, liaison work and the process of obtaining legal approvals from various statutory authorities.

The organization is constantly reaching new horizons under the inspirational leadership and guidance of Ar. Vivek Sharma, a man of principles who strongly believes in ensuring high standards of design in all aspects, both aesthetic and utilitarian.

The thought-provoking innovation of KONCEPT – “The Design Studio” enables us to provide our clients with:

• A diverse range of services in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors, from concept to execution.

• Consulting services at your door-step.

• Green Building Concepts for developing environmentally friendly buildings.

• Services tailored to the specific individual needs of every client.

• Specialized services in structural remodelling, alterations as well as newly built projects.

Skill Zoomers

Skill Zoomers is a non- governmental institution set-up by Ar. Vivek Kumar Sharma to enhance the hidden professional skills of budding professionals of the construction industry.

Construction Industry is a major contributor of GDP in our country India, not only by directly generating employment but also helps other MSME and cottage industries to prosper by creating demand for the goods produced by them in the huge construction industry that indirectly adds to their growth. Engineers, Architects and Designers are considered the backbone of this industry. But, due to lack of desirable skills it happens that the requirement of skilled professionals could not be fulfilled.


The Konceptians with the name and style of Skill Zoomers are here with a solution that leads to enhancement of those skills and make the professionals Aatma-nirbhar by providing online education and corporate training.

Skill Zoomers can be a crucial asset for those who want to learn a new skill by allowing them to learn at their own time and pace.

Skill Zoomers can be a crucial asset for those who want to learn a new skill by allowing them to learn at their own time and pace.

Other than students or freshers even if they are working professionals but are willing to upgrade their skills, Skill Zoomers can be of great use to them. Our motto is of transferring skills. And our tagline that clarifies our very motto is, “We Transfer skills to transform your life”.



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